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The International Cultural Exchange Association (ICEA), which hosts the Baby Long Beach and Long Beach Dragon Boat Races, is the first dragon boat organization in Calif. to use mechanized start gates during a race. In response to controversy over starting positions at last year’s Baby Long Beach 2012 race, ICEA has installed automatic start gates to standardize regulations at Baby Long Beach 2013 for the first time in Calif. history.

The third generation Polaritás-GM Ltd. Automatic Start System, the start gate first installed at Marine Park, Long Beach, has already been implemented in 25 countries, at 34 venues and at 2 Olympic Games. The start gates will first be tested for an official Calif. dragon boat race at Baby Long Beach 2013 on Sunday, April 28.

“We are confident the automatic start gate system will eliminate starting line discrepancies,” Dr. Howard Chen, president of ICEA said. “This is the first time teams will no longer need to challenge whether their competitors are completely stationary and precisely positioned at the line.”

Since 1997, Baby Long Beach has invited high school, collegiate and recreational adult teams to compete in 500 meter and 200 meter races. The day-long event is recognized as a precursor of the annual Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival, a two-day race that features up to 100 competing teams, over 25 local vendors and live entertainment. Both races are sponsored by ICEA.

For more information about the dragon boat start gates or either Long Beach race, please visit


April 15, 2013

Carolyn Huang
International Cultural Exchange Association (ICEA)
(650) 575-3450 

ICEA SEO Release

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